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The point of giving green tags is to financially support the development of renewable energy and ultimately to displace fuels which produce carbon dioxide and contribute to global warming.

Buying green tags is easy

This is the easiest way you can support the development of renewable energy. It only takes a few minutes to buy a green tag! You can choose exactly how much you want to invest, depending on your budget. For as little as $12 you can offset One Ton of carbon dioxide. Take a ton of C02 out of the air in the name of someone you love. Native Energy offers green tags in the form of greeting cards that you can buy online. For details and purchase of green tags please visit Native Energy.

Green tags (also called Renewable Energy Credits or RECs or Tradable Renewable Credits or TRCs) represent the environmental benefit from clean power generation. When you buy a green tag, you are effectively displacing dirty coal, or other fossil fuels. Most importantly, you are replacing fossil fuels with with wind or solar energy and helping invest in a new, clean energy industry. Learn more.

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Green tags from Native Energy finance future projects:

Normally people can only buy green tags from renewable energy projects that are already built. In many cases these are big utilities that have ample means to finance renewable energy, but wouldn't do it without additional incentives.

Native Wind is different because we use green tags to finance small energy projects that are in development. Without green tags these kinds of projects would not be built.



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