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Local Energy, Local Power
(Yes Magazine - Winter 2007-Winowna Laduke)
Tribes lead the way to energy democracy with local control of renewable production. More


Native American Film Festival Native Wind donates green tags to the film festival to offset carbon dioxide emissions of the event.

Native American Wind Interest Group
(NREL- Summer 2006)San Diego Tribe to receive $16,000 annually per turbine; Native Wind releases PSA. More pdf


Embracing the Wind:
( - February 2006) Exciting opportunities for wind from Indian reservations.



Tribes try to sell wind energy
(Associated Press-January 2006).

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe's bid to expand its wind farm is being slowed by an inability to find a buyer for its electricity.


New wind turbine goes into service in Ft. Berhold, North Dakota. (Native Wind Press Release - October 2005)
The demonstration project will provide electricity for the tribe's Four Bears Casino. More


Clinton Global Initiative Inaugural Meeting is Climate Neutral with help from NativeEnergy
(Native Energy Press Release- September 11, 2005)

NativeEnergy and the William J. Clinton Foundation, announced today that the Clinton Global Initiative will offset the impact of its energy use by helping finance new Native American-owned wind farms with NativeEnergy. More


Native Energy is now Native-Owned
(Native Energy Press Release-August 11, 2005)
Intertribal COUP acquires majority stake in leading renewable energy marketer, on behalf of its member tribes.More


Native American Wind Interest Group
(NREL - Fall 2004) Bob Gough wins Department of Energy Outstanding Technology Acceptance Award. More PDF icon


Rosebud builds the first Native American owned utility scale wind turbine. (Fall 2003) More PDF

International Network for Sustainable Energy (INFORSE-
October 2003) More PDF icon

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