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The Richest Wind Regime

Twenty Northern Plains Indian Reservations hold several hundred gigawatts of wind power potential, earning the Dakotas the title "Saudi Arabia of Wind." Wind power potential on these Indian Reservations alone is more than enough to meet North American Kyoto targets.

The richest wind energy regime in the world is just up wind from the region of greatest energy consumption and acid rain impacts in North America.

Tribal wind power potential Total Tribal Wind Generation Potential:
This map shows the overlay between the maximum wind potential areas of the US and tribal lands:
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The World's Richest Wind Regime:
Data from NREL (National Renewable Energy Laboratories)
535 Billion kWh per year
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Total Tribal Wind Generation Potential:
535 Billion kWh/yr

Total US Electric Generation:
3,853 Billion kWh/yr

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